The Maui Update

The Maui Update offers insider tips for the Hawaiian Islands' best accommodations, dining, recreation, and beaches, as well as other tips and tricks for getting around the islands, new activities, business openings and closures, and beyond. So grab a Mai Tai, kick back, and read the latest on what Hawaii has to offer! And of course, contact the Island Journeys team for assistance with planning your next vacation to the Hawaiian Islands! 

The history of Christie's Maui Update
What began as the scribbles of notes taken to share with friends, evolved into a small volume that was self-published. Over the years and 28 guidebooks later, Paradise Publications shared with their readers tips and updates on the accommodations, dining, recreation, and beaches of the Hawaiian Islands. The books have been retired but I continue to be actively involved in the happenings in the islands. The Maui Update, an augment of the books, continues in its 34th year. I'm excited to share with you what is new and what I have rediscovered, so read on in Christie's Maui Update!